Here’s the Daily ESG Digest for June 16th, Thursday.

1. (North America) Building Materials from Captured Carbon. Leading building materials company Holcim North America announced an investment in Blue Planet Systems, a provider of technology to sequester carbon emissions into aggregate that can make concrete carbon-negative. (Link)

2. (Europe) Green Energy Plant for Beer Production. Craft beer brewer BrewDog announced today the commissioning of a £12 million green gas plant, which will use brewing waste to power the production of over 176 million pints of beer annually, and provide fuel for delivery vehicles. (Link)

3. (Asia) Build Hydrogen Supply Chain in Japan. Japanese thermal power producer Jera and refiner Idemitsu have agreed to jointly consider developing a hydrogen supply chain in central Japan’s bay area, where various industries are concentrated and demand for the clean fuel is expected to increase with a drive towards decarbonsisation. (Link)

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