Here’s the Daily ESG Digest for January 10th, Monday.

1. (Global) Sustainable Travel. JetBlue announced today the launch of the JetBlue Sustainable Travel Partners program, rolling out a suite of services offered to corporate customers to reduce and assess the emissions footprint of their travel. With the new program, JetBlue aims to help enable businesses to meet their own corporate sustainability targets. (Link)

2. (Asia) Energy Storage. China Three Gorges (CTG) said it has begun construction of the 1.7 GW Tiantai pumped storage power station in Zhajiang Province. Upon completion, the Tiantai station will mainly provide peak load regulation, valley filling, frequency regulation, phase modulation, power storage and emergency use. (Link)

3. (Europe) EV Market Share Increase. Germany, Europe’s largest auto market and the world’s 5th largest, saw plugin electric vehicle share hit a record of 35.7% in December, up from 26.6% year-on-year. Full battery electrics took 21.3% of the market. (Link)

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