Here’s the Daily ESG Digest for January 20th, Thursday.

1. (Global) Net Zero Emissions. Leading enterprise application software company SAP announced a new commitment to achieve net zero emissions across its value chain in 2030, 20 years earlier than its original target. As a primary lever, the company aims to reduce emissions from the use of SAP’s sold products, followed by purchased goods and services. (Link)

2. (North America) Reduce Carbon Emissions. U.S.-based supercenter and grocery retailer Meijer announced today a new sustainability target, committing to reduce absolute carbon emissions by 50% by 2025. The new goal adds to the company’s sustainability program, which encompasses areas including food waste, sustainable packaging, and waste diversion. (Link)

3. (Europe) Green Hydrogen from Geothermal. CeraPhi Energy and Climate Change Ventures (CCV) have announced a partnership for creating Green Hydrogen. With geothermal as the source of power for electrolysis, hydrogen can be produced without CO2 as a byproduct. (Link)

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