Here’s the Daily ESG Digest for June 15th, Wednesday.

1. (North America) Eliminate Emissions by 2045. NextEra Energy, the largest producer of electricity in the U.S., announced today the launch of Real Zero, a new sustainability goal to eliminate carbon emissions from its operations. With the plan going beyond net zero, achieving its emissions elimination without the use of carbon offsets, the new commitment is the most ambitious goal set by a U.S. energy provider, according to the company. (Link)

2. (Europe) New Airframe Design with Hydrogen-Electric Engine Option. ZeroAvia, the leader in hydrogen-electric solutions for aviation, today announced a collaboration with Otto Aviation, LLC, to develop a hydrogen-electric powertrain to power Otto’s Celera aircraft. (Link)

3. (Global) Hydrogen-fueled Vessel Development. Indian steel-making company Tata Steel has entered into an agreement with Dutch firm Van Dam Shipping to develop a hydrogen-powered vessel. As informed, the vessel concept to be developed will have a loading capacity of approximately 5,000 tons and will be the first vessel of this type. (Link)

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