Here’s the Daily ESG Digest for November 16th, Wednesday.

1. (Europe) Wooden Turbine Blades. A German company is aiming to help crack the wind industry’s sustainability puzzle by developing wooden turbine blades. Voodin Blade Technology has struck a deal with Finnish timber specialist Stora Enso to develop environmental alternatives for the industry and create a competitive supply chain. They are currently producing and installing a 20 meter blade for a 0.5 megawatt (MW), with plans in the pipeline for an 80m blade. (Link)

2. (North America) 1 Million Ton Recycle Capacity. Circular economy investor Closed Loop Partners (CLP) announced today the launch of Circular Services, a developer and operator of recycling and reuse infrastructure, established with over 1 million tons of annual recycling capacity across the U.S. (Link)

3. (Global) Low Carbon Steel Purchase. Automotive manufacturer BMW Group announced today a series of new supply agreements for CO2-reduced steel in the US and China, as part of the company’s chain decarbonization efforts. (Link)

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