Here’s the Daily ESG Digest for November 22nd, Tuesday.

1. (Europe) Biogas Plant. The first green and Danish-produced biogas from the plant in Kværs has just been sent to the gas network. The facility can annually produce over 20 million m3 of biogas and displaces a corresponding amount of natural gas from the Danish energy system. (Link)

2. (Oceania) Fossil Fuel-Free New Buildings. One of Australia’s largest real estate developers, Lendlease Corp., has announced plans to stop constructing gas infrastructure in new buildings from 2030 onwards as part of efforts to quit fossil fuels by 2040. (Link)

3. (North America) Clean Hydrogen Startup. Decarbonization-focused startup Syzygy Plasmonics announced that it has raised $76 million in a Series C financing round aimed at accelerating the delivery of the company’s low-carbon hydrogen technology. (Link)

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