Here’s the Daily ESG Digest for November 23rd, Wednesday.

1. (Europe) Australia’s leading hydrogen fuel cell vehicle manufacturer H2X Global Ltd through its subsidy H2X Gothenburg and European Head Quarters based in Sweden, today announces the successful conversion of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to supply hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles to Renova, one of Sweden’s major municipal waste companies. (Link)

2. (North America) $3.6 Billion Fund for EVs and Charging Stations. California Governor Gavin Newsom unveiled $3.6 billion in investments aimed at facilitating the transition to zero-emissions vehicles (ZEVs) in the state and helping to make electric vehicles (EVs) more accessible and affordable. (Link)

3. (Global) 1 Million Ton CO2 Removal Plan. Direct Air Capture (DAC) provider Climeworks, and carbon sequestration solutions provider Gulf Coast Sequestration (GCS), announced a new partnership today, signing an agreement to work together to permanently remove one million tons of carbon dioxide from the air annually by 2030. (Link)

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