Our Practices

Impact Intelligence provides tailored data analysis and visual analytics solutions to help organizations achieve their impact goals and gain a competitive edge.

We use the latest AI-driven text analytical techniques and industry expertise to help organizations reach their impact goals. We craft custom data analysis projects to meet specific requirements, utilizing multiple tools to achieve the best possible results.

Stakeholder voice & narrative analysis

Horizon & trend scan

Foresight & scenario planning

Our tools

Tailored machine learning models

We leverage different models and software with the power of AI to give efficient and accurate results

Natural language understanding

We analyze and process natural language data to extract meaning and understand the intent behind the words to support data-driven decision making

Multidimensional content analysis of unstructured data

We utilize sophisticated algorithms to analyze data and uncover hidden trends to provide insight to your organization

Data collection through certified APIs

We can collect and analyze thousands of data points from various data sources like social media, news media, forums, satellite images, and more